Pregnancy is a very important time in the life of all parents. Waiting for the baby brings a lot of joy, but also worries about the baby’s health.
To make this time of expectation peaceful, we offer future mothers prenatal tests. The Gameta Clinic Łódź has specialised in prenatal tests for many years; the ultrasound is performed by a doctor with extensive experience.

The benefit of prenatal tests is measurable for both the parents-to-be and the child.

Prenatal tests include the screening tests performed during pregnancy: genetic ultrasound, PAPP-A test, SANCO test.

We want the time of waiting for the baby to be a time of peace for parents-to-be, so we offer comprehensive care for the future mother and her child. Gameta Łódź offers the following
diagnostic tests, prenatal tests, care for the pregnant woman by a team of excellent obstetricians.