• Presence of clinically established varicocele (grade II and III) with oligospermia causing fertility disorders.
  • Chronic testicular pain with coexisting clinical varicocele.


Under general intravenous anaesthesia, after making an incision in the groin, the spermatic cord is dissected and, under the guidance of a specialised operating microscope (very high magnification), the dilated testicular veins are prepared and separated, which are then ligated and/or clipped. After the procedure, the patient is discharged home the same day.


Microsurgery is the most effective method of treating varicocele.

  • less invasive compared to laparoscopic and Palomo surgery,
  • shorter recovery period,
  • fewer complications (especially in terms of postoperative hydrothorax formation),
  • less chance of recurrence of varicocele,
  • improves semen parameters and increases the likelihood of falling pregnant naturally.


Severe obesity and previous inguinal hernia surgery (especially with fascia defect mesh).

The procedure is performed only in Gameta Hospital in Rzgów (Łódź) by Jacek Przybyła, MD, PhD.