What should you bring with you to your first appointment?

You need to prepare properly for your first consultation. For your first appointment with the doctor, please bring with you:

  • all previous laboratory results,
  • information sheets on hospital stays,
  • descriptions of surgeries, if any,
  • the results of histopathological examinations.

A woman can come for her first appointment during her menstruation, which is the best time for assessing the ovarian reserve.

Course of the first visit to an infertility clinic

Infertility affects both partners, so during the first visit, it is advisable for the doctor to have the opportunity to talk to and examine both partners. During the appointment, a thorough medical history and gynaecological examination will be carried out. During the interview, information on the following will be relevant:

  • infertility problems in the partners’ families,
  • general health status,
  • medication taken,
  • childhood and adulthood disorders,
  • sex life or possible libido issues,
  • past surgical procedures,
  • previous tests performed to diagnose or treat infertility,
  • menstrual cycles,
  • the course of puberty.

There is also often a need for an ultrasound examination. The man may be asked to have a semen test (please note that the semen test is done after 2 to 7 days of sexual abstinence).

Where should you make your first appointment at an infertility clinic?

Gameta infertility treatment clinic offers its services in four Polish cities. Specialised centres with experienced staff of specialists are located in Łódź, Warsaw, Gdynia and Kielce.

What about after the first visit?

Further diagnostics depends primarily on the medical history and the results of the basic tests ordered by the doctor. During the first visit to an infertility clinic, the doctor may order basic gynaecological examinations, such as an ultrasound for the woman, and an andrological examination or a semen test for the man. Remember that infertility treatment may require consultation with several specialists, e.g. endocrinologist, urologist, andrologist, gynaecologist, sexologist.

We care about your mental comfort

All visits to our Clinic take place in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The Gameta infertility clinic also offers psychological assistance, which plays an extremely important role during the diagnosis and treatment process. Diagnosed infertility often comes as a shock and causes a significant reduction in psychological well-being, so mental care for a couple trying to have a baby is extremely important.